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The Nomad Grad

Are you interested in pursuing a gypsy lifestyle? Traveling the world professionally? Constantly making new friends and exploring new places? Welcome to the club!

Don’t know where to start or how it can be done? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, I am constantly receiving e-mails and comments from people asking how they too can pick up and go.

Often times, I feel like its difficult for people to fathom how I lead my life. It’s like I’m constantly trying to act out the season finale of Lost. No-one gets me.

This is partly my fault. I just kind of started this journey and continued to blab about it without much regard for others looking to travel. Sorry about that.

So this is the beginning of a series of blogs elucidating the best kept secret of full-time travelers: how they manage to make it happen. You’ve asked for it…

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Last year Billy Collins gave a poetry reading at my college.  So, when I saw this reblogged by budapestivities, I figured I’d share this with everyone else.  I sometimes find poems difficult to get through, but I really enjoy Billy Collins’ poetry.

Let Scrooge Read!

Nirmit Shah sent across this unassuming video the other day, about Billy Collins (two-term U.S. Poet Laureate as he reminds us) reciting five of his poems set to animation.

The video really caught my attention at poem four (The Country) about a small white mouse and a matchstick – its completely unexpected twist in the plot had me glued to the poem, with twinkling eyes and an affectionate smile.

Billy also recites a poem at the end of the talk, addressed to a 17-year old teenager. This poem has no animation – but it doesn’t need it. Not in slightest. Listen on, as faces of all your siblings/ neighbourhood kids / school juniors burst hilariously into your head.

PS – Watch the video in HD. The animations and stage look crystal clear, and you can count every wrinkle on poor Billy’s face.

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Thank You

Sunlight in Budapest; in 6 hours it will shimmy through the windows of everyone I love.

I honestly don’t know how to express my appreciation better than a simple, “Thank you.” I’ve been in Budapest for 2 ½ weeks, and I’m here because of my family and friends. Even while I’m here, lots of people from home have been keeping in touch with me. Whenever skype announces “(person) is online,” it doesn’t take long before (person) is sending me a “hey! What’s up?” message. I finally found time to create this dedication blog post to say, “Thank You Everybody!”

Special Thank You’s

Mama – I know you’re having a difficult time while I’m gone, but I’ll be back in May. I love skyping with you on weekends, and I’m sad because this weekend I probably won’t be available to skype. You’re the sunshine that hammers through whatever droopy mess I have hanging over me.

Papa – Thank you for sending me a giant box full of kitchen supplies! BreAnna and I are thrilled. Before I left, our discussions helped me to continuously look forward to my trip, even when I had misgivings. I love you very much, even when you bust my ass for grammar mistakes.

Tia – Girl, it’s been wonderful chatting with you when you’re online. Continue to touch base with me, I really appreciate it. The note you sent me made me laugh, particularly over your ramblings.

Cyci – The letters you wrote are uplifting and keep me from getting too homesick. While I was reading I noticed that you sound a lot like Mama, comforting, encouraging, and supportive. I’m stashing the letters in the stand beside my bed so I can read them at night when I feel lonely.

Anthony – Hang in there! You’ve been keeping up with my issues, even though your life has been chaotic. Whenever I need to vent frustration, you’ve been the perfect listener. The best thing you can do for me is to keep pressing through all the shit that’s been hounding you. I love you so much, and appreciate your dedication to skyping with me.

Angel – I want to say I love you very much. You’re a special puppy dog, I know this is tough on you and I think of you a lot. You’re always such a good girl, and I promise I’m coming back home. Keep your pillow close, baby.

Meg – I couldn’t ask for a better friend. You helped me while I was bawling about packing, leaving, and wondering what-the-hell-am-I-doing? Long before I bustled into the airport, you were handing me tissues and promising to stay in touch. You’ve kept your word, thank you.

Maria, Ana, Colin, Lisa, Sierra, Tina, Rebecka – You ladies have been wonderful. Oh, wait! Sorry Colin, I keep forgetting you’re male….. common mistake. I’m kidding, and yes, I’m well aware you can handle shit just as well as any guy (Although step it up b/c Ana is still more manly). But besides the dig at Colin, I’m thankful to have friends I can count on when I’m falling apart or just need to hang out.

Grandpa, GrandDeb, Grandmom, Gramps, Aunt Pat, Uncle Don – Your well-wishes are greatly appreciated. Thank you for keeping up with my blog and thinking of me.

DMC 402 – I didn’t forget you crazy creepers. I’m well aware of your stalker activities upon my facebook wall, and lets not even discuss the Spamming. I hope you’re all behaving; I won’t be happy if I have to grow wings and return to straighten you guys out. Wing sprouting is not a comfortable process, and you’ve all seen me cranky (not a pretty sight). Thanks everybody for keeping my head screwed on straight last semester, I’ve been realizing that it’s a pretty valuable item to have in a foreign country. Love you all!

I’d also like to personally thank everyone who has supported my plans to study abroad and has been encouraging me. Finally, hank you to everyone reading my blog, you’re comments and visits encourage me to continue posting.

Jan-May, 2012

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